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When horses are in stressful situations such as shipping, being ridden, changing locations or experience an alteration in their eating habits, it can impact their ability to minimize the effect of gastric acid in their stomachs. Horses produce up to 16 gallons of stomach acid a day and if not properly buffered, horses can begin to feel the corrosive effects very quickly. Gastric Support Antacid Chews were created by an FEI veterinarian for the specific purpose of helping to protect your horse’s stomach by buffering and neutralizing gastric acid before and during stressful situations. When gastric acids are not properly buffered by forage, or if the productions of gastric acids increase under stress, horses can quickly develop stomach lining irritation causing severe pain which now, can be minimized! Horses love eating Gastric Support Antacid Chews from your hand which begin neutralizing stomach acid immediately and are an easy and effective way to keep your horse comfortable in stressful situations. Safe for horses of all ages.  


USEF/FEI showsafe

Gastric Support Antacid Chews in Mint

  • Gastric Support Antacid Chews By Funky Unicorn are intended to help minimize gastric irritation at the immediate time of stress by helping to reduce gastric pH levels. The recommended amount of chews and frequency will vary by the weight of your horse. 

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