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G-CHILL™. Problem(s) Solved.


GastroMend™ + SynChill Daily™

Meet G-Chill™— our latest supplement featuring stomach and behavioral support in one!

Because we all know the way to our horses’ hearts is through their stomachs, G-Chill comes in an easy-to-feed alfalfa pellet. Just one scoop a day (fed by hand or top-dressed on feed) is all it takes for your horse to enjoy a calm stomach and a quiet mind.

Innovative G-Chill™ is a 2-in-1 supplement that combines the soothing, focus-enhancing benefits of SynChill Daily™ with the digestive health and gastric ulcer-managing properties of GastroMend™.


*G-Chill™ may be fed at regular intervals, or 2-4 hours prior to stressful events.

As the name suggests, G-Chill™ features the best of both worlds of SynChill Daily™ and GastroMend™, containing natural, active serotonin precursors for mood and composure support, plus high-potency, gut-protective plant extracts and vitamins.


  • G-Chill™ supports digestive health in horses with symptoms of gastric ulcers without compromising the stomach acid production necessary for normal digestion.  G-Chill™ promotes stomach and hindgut health by promoting collagen and fibronectin production to help repair damaged tissue, and by helping to regulate the enzymes that can lead to collagen breakdown.

    G-Chill™ helps horses relax in all kinds of settings and perform at their best by increasing the level of serotonin in the body.  G-Chill™ contains 5-HTP, an amino acid that the body converts to serotonin, one of nature’s “happy hormones” that helps reduce fear and anxiety.

    Being a horse is hard!  Go G-Chill™ for the optimal digestive health and mental clarity & confidence he/she deserves!

    Stomach & Behavioral Support Supplement for Horses

    Stress and gastric ulcers go hand in hand.  Now, so do GastroMend™ and SynChill™.

    G-Chill™ pellets contain the same natural, active serotonin precursors for mood and composure support you’ll find in SynChill Daily™, plus the high-potency plant extracts and vitamins that make up GastroMend™, the revolutionary equine stomach health supplement from SynNutra.

    GastroMend™ & SynChill Daily™ The Ultimate Friends with Benefits

    • Serotonin precursor 5-HTP helps promote feelings of calm, focus and confidence
    • Plant extract ingredient Centella asiatica promotes health in damaged tissue
    • Both 5-HTP and Centella asiatica have been shown to decrease anxiety in human studies
    • C. asiatica and vitamins A and C promote collagen and fibronectin production
    • Vitamin B6 and L-theanine help modulate stress responses without dulling the senses
    • All-Natural - FEI-Compliant
  • No returns or refunds.

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