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F*OX>VCS™.  Better health from the neck up!  Start now with our newest supplement made to keep your vision> keen and your future> bright.

Formulated specifically to nourish and protect the eyes and mind, F*OX>VCS™ contains a potent combination of antioxidants, carotenoids, and natural, brain-boosting chemicals.

F*OX>VCS™ for Humans

  • Astaxanthin + Lutein & Zeaxanthin + Citicoline + NAC

    Make F*OX>VCS™ part of your be>average equation

    • Eye Health Support
    • Brain Health & Cognitive Support
    • Oxidative Stress Defense

    Suggested Use:  Two (2) capsules per day, preferably taken with a snack or small meal for maximum absorption.

    How F*OX>VCS™ Works

    Aging not so gracefully?  Losing your vision and your readers day after day?  Not a pretty picture!

    F*OX>VCS™ helps you stay sharp with neuroprotective nutrients that team up to support eye health and enhance cognitive function.  A quick and easy way to understand how F*OX>VCS™ works is by visualizing one of those wall charts you see in police shows with a bunch of zig-zagging lines connecting people, places, events, etc. The diagrams are a type of link analysis tool; serving to tie things together while revealing surprising relationships and far-reaching associations along the way, often leading to jaw-dropping conclusions in the case.  In this analogy, taking F*OX>VCS™ is like putting pen to paper and letting your body make the critical connections for a more powerful outcome.

    In other words, F*OX>VCS™ is the ultimate interdependent eye and brain health supplement— one’s peanut butter to the other’s jelly, birds of a feather, the perfect couple—you get the idea!

    F*OX>VCS™.   For the care and feeding of your brain.

  • No returns or refunds.

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